7 Easy yet Effective Ways to Combat Depression

I was reading this blog, ‘how to deal with depression?’ & I was really surprised to see that author told to 'Have fun' when you are depressed. Well, being a health care professional, I totally disagree. How can one have fun when he/she is depressed? A depressed person will take nothing from any fun activity; instead it may even enhance the depression in some cases.

So I make a list of a few things you can do to combat the depression-

1- Share Your Feelings/Thoughts– And that is very vital thing to do indeed. You have to talk to someone about your fears, your problems & why they are making you depressed? Are these thoughts worth for your attention or tension? You need to talk about it. Sometimes another person can assess our situation better because we see the problem from inside, while the other person may give you better ideas to solve it as he is assessing from outside. The only thing you have to keep in mind that choose your friend wisely.

2- Thought Shifting- the most important thing to do in any unfavorable circumstances. Shifting of thoughts from negative to positive is the key point here. The only thing you need to do, completely ignore the negative thoughts. Even if you have to push them out of your mind, do so & fill the gap with positive thoughts. Any thought, means any thought, making you happy is a positive thought. Be with these positive thoughts till the time you feel better. The time when that feeling of worthlessness is fading from your mind, is the time, you know that you’ve won the battle.

3- Paradoxical Thinking- Paradoxical thinking is basically any thought come to your mind, which is completely opposite of your current situation. For e.g. after losing someone, you may want to be in another relationship or after failing in a business, you may want to go for a new haircut or anything which is not related to your problem, nor a solution to it, but makes you happy. Go for it, you need it.

4- Take A Deep Breath- Deep breathing exercises are worth mentioning here. They take nothing but at the same time make you ready to face the problem with more energy & more positivity. Still better to hold the deep breath for a few seconds for a quick & better response.

5- Go for an Outing- Well, if you can, please do it. I understand that this is not easy, but do it if you can & by doing so, you can look life with a different perspective. You can see that other people are suffering too & grass is not greener on the other side as it looks. If they can manage their life & their problems, so can you.

6- Give a Damn to What Others Think- Well, you have to do this if you want to survive in this ruthless world. What others think about you or your life is none of your business. In fact, they will think or talk about you because they find you better than themselves. So instead of feeling depressed about their views, you should feel good for all their attention.

7-Make God your Companion- Learn to walk alone & you will end up walking with the God. This is true, just try it once. You have to believe in His existence & you will realize that you are NEVER alone.

So be with Him, be with yourself.

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