COVID-19 and Life Challenges

24th March, 8:00 PM, Nation’s prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the nation and announced that to fight with COVID-19, whole nation will go under lock down w.e.f. midnight of 24th March for a period of 21 days. It was sudden, unexpected and too long a period to thought of. Though we were aware that something like this may happened but didn’t thought of 21 days long lock down. 

I was afraid that time realizing that we are surely in a great trouble now. I was on two days leave and after that announcement I wasn’t sure if I should resume my duties or not. As if, I was standing on a bifurcation from where I could see two roads. One road was going through my mind which clearly says to not go to anywhere and be with your family to save your kids and family from this devil. The other road was going through my heart telling me to go ahead, do serve your nation at this difficult time. I decided to follow later but my mind coming in its way off and on. So I asked my husband about it. He advised to ask hospital’s management as it may be possible that they also have some plans to dealing with it. It made sense to me so I decided to discuss it with the management.

Fear of Uncertainty

The hospital where I work had already decided to put with minimum staff, minimum out patient hours and thus minimum patients. However In- patient services and emergency services were functional from the day one. Quite confused about my status, I called the medical superintendent to ask about it and whether I need to come the same way I was coming till now. He said , ‘Yes, you have to come. Though there is lock down, but hospital is open and all the consultants will be coming to see the OPD patients’.

‘But you have to take proper precautions like wearing PPE  etc. before entering the hospital’. He continued further.

No matter what, if I had committed something, I need to do that. So I decided to go to the hospital despite having fear of uncertainty. I was worried about the high infectivity rate of this deadly infection. But what more worrisome was the uncertainty of the future. When will it go and when will we all be able to live like before? We had no answers, perhaps no one has.

Then I looked back, revisiting all the incidents of my life and realized that it was never too easy to lead a normal life. There were problems, there are and there will be.

I realized that life will throw challenges to you most of the time and it’s up to you how will you respond to them.  You can keep your eyes shut and say that there are no problems at all. But will it work? It won’t. In fact it will only increase the problems many folds just to open your eyes later and that may lead to some other and bigger problem, which may be difficult for you to handle.  The point to remember is that it’s always better to face the problems while they are just emerging with your full capacity because then you will be able to control it. But if you allow it to grow and grow then situation may become out of control. Italy and other European countries are example of that if we talk in terms of COVID-19.

Lessons learnt:

1- Life will throw challenges to you most of the time. You have to live with them, face them, accept them or conquer them.   

2- Accepting your challenges when you cannot control them is also a form of conquering.

3- it’s always better to face the problems in the beginning with all the measures.

4- Your safety is important.

5- God gave us a mind and it’s important to use some grey matter to save ourselves and others.

6- Finally, be happy that you are still alive!

And I mean it.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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