Social Health in Today's era

Health ....! The word health refers to physical, mental and social wellbeing and absence of diseases and injuries. So the three essential components of health and wellbeing highlighted in this definition are-

1.) Physical Health

2.) Mental/Emotional Health

3.) Social health.

Well, the first and second are mostly talked off these days. Most people are aware about physical and mental health but what about the third component ? Many are still unaware regarding social health!

What is social health?

Man is a social animal. We are meant to have relations and connections for our health and wellness. Social health/wellness refers to relationships we have and how we interact with each other.

According to University of California, Social wellness involves building healthy, nurturing & supportive relationships as well as fostering genuine connections with people around you.

Benefits of good social health 1- Encourages healthy choices and behaviours The apt example for this can be the rehab groups. Being in certain groups can actually help you take better decisions.

2- Helps to cope with stress There are so many researches which have proved that good social health significantly benefits both physical and mental health. Enjoying close social ties with friends, partners, or family members can make us happy and improve our overall life in the long run. Also lowers risks of depression, anxiety, etc.

Ways to build good social health.

1- Make more connection - Be part of social groups like gyms, laughing clubs, family and society groups, etc. Interact with people and enhance your communication skills.

2- Make healthy relations - Maintaining relations is very important. Keep in touch with your near and dear ones and communicate as much as possible.

3- Be approachable - Have good communication skills, be well groomed personally so that people can approach you when they want. Don’t judge anyone and don’t pass comments on people.

Social Media- Boon or Bane?

Technology earlier was not considered friendly enough to enhance social health. But today, amidst this world health pandemic internet seems to be only medium through which we all are connected. Though we have to maintain physical distance but through social media people don't feel that much isolated and stay connected with each other. But we can’t stress enough to use technology in a good way for e.g. by video calling your friends and family and staying in touch with them. So use the technology in a more judicial way and let’s make the best out of it.

However, this is also true that in today’s era of technology, the importance of meeting people seems to be fading. People are busy in their personal lives and we barely spend time to work on our relationships. This can have a negative effect on our social health. Because everyone is so busy that people have lost ties with their loved ones. And therefore amidst this lockdown and physical distancing people are getting lonely and isolated. Because of which there is a rise in mental health issues like anxiety, depression etc., resulting in increased suicide rates as well.

Good social health improves an individual’s power to battle both physical & mental stress. It also helps to maintain a positive attitude which is necessary to move forward in life. Keeping that in mind, let’s start practicing a balanced and fulfilled social life which holds meaningful relations tightly but cut loose the toxic people who serve no purpose in one’s life making us more fit socially as well emotionally.

Let’s not forget that man is a social animal!

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