The Power of Positive Thinking

For so many years, I have been reading about 'Positive Thinking' and its lots of benefits. I've read that by thinking positively you can actually get rid of any untoward incident. I was and still I'm a firm believer of positive attitude in our life. But at the same time it's also true that 'Positive Thinking' is an overrated virtue and I used to think the same till few days back. I want to share one incident here, which is the reason behind my thinking. It so happened that in the year 2007, suddenly I came to know that my only brother (he was 2 yr younger to me) was suffering from cancer of kidney. As expected, we all were devastated to know this and for many days we were in denial mode. It was next to impossible to gather the courage to accept the reality. Even thoughts of that were enough to scare us. But it was true and he was ACTUALLY suffering from Renal Cell Carcinoma, a deadly disease. We cried and cried for a whole day, may be two or three. But it served no purpose, rather it created an ambiance filled with gloominess and negativity all around. Then I decided to remain positive as I knew that you attract what you think. (Law of Attraction). So I asked everyone to be positive as there are lot of cases where patients of this disease survived. I don't know if I was that sure as my voice and my attitude was, but my parents, his wife all seemed quite hopeful and thus relieved. We all started to remain happy and positive most of the time. My brother was also relieved and hopeful, which resulted in the improvement in his health. That was the time when I became a little confident about his survival. But all our hopes and happiness were transitory. After a few setbacks in the treatment efficacy, he went into depression which further led to treatment failure and finally after ten months of struggle he lost his fight with deadly cancer. For next few months it was difficult for all of us to survive without him. I started thinking that all hula hoop around the positive thinking is baseless because we all were so positive still could not get the desired result. Now after few years when I look back then I realize that whatever the outcome was, it was our positive attitude, which led us to go through that difficult phase. What Positive Attitude Did For Us- 1- The first thing the 'Positive attitude' gave us was the 'Hope'. We all were so positive and hopeful that he will be all right. And it was that 'Hope' which kept us going through that tragic phase. 2- The second thing was 'Strength' to survive and at the same time 'Strength' to support and motivate my brother. There were instances when he used to go into deep depression but it was our positive attitude which helped him many a time to overcome his depression. 3- The last but not the least was 'Smile'. A hopeful heart and strong mind which say that whatever happens, happens for the good, are all we need to smile. When we smile things become a lot more easy and the same happened with us. We used to share jokes and tried to remain happy which helped in psychological healing of my brother as well as of us. There are many phases of life when it may be difficult to remain positive but still we should try. Positive attitude towards life may not be able to change the outcome or destination but it will surely make the journey smooth and less painful and I guess that's enough reason to remain positive.

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